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Guitar Finger Picking

The Best Right Hand Fingerpicking Patterns to achieve a Chet-Travis Style

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Right Hand Fingerpicking Patterns to achieve a Chet-Travis Style
Super Technique
Chet Atkins
The Miracle Pattern
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Rock Style Applications
Legendary Tunes
Study for guitar "Caliente"
Toccata and Fugue in Dm by J.S. Bach
Pink Panther example
Leo Kottke
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Raymond Tutaj Jr.
McKee Guitars

Excellent exercises! I now have a DVD video of me demonstrating these patterns. I walk you through all of them plus i break down various tunes to get you to pick in the Chet Atkins/ Merle Travis style which influenced players all over the world and Tommy Immanuel is one of them!
To purchase the DVD demonstrating these patterns go to bottom of this page to
The DVD contains many other examples with arrangements.
The best route to the Chet Style on the internet!
Musically Yours,
Ray Tutaj Jr.

PLEASE NOTE: All the below pages have been redone in Guitar PRO 6 and are now updated to be more presentable! The older version is below but newer versions are on all discs shipping out.






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I also have these lessons available on DVDs breaking down some of my arrangements. It is called: "Right Hand Fingerpicking Exercises."

The Guitar Journey book contents are fully explained at my Guitar Journey Website

A video on DVD breaking down over 17 Chet-style patterns plus the tabs. Includes other tunes arranged in the Chet Style which I also break down.


Fingerpicking Mayhem!

Ray Tutaj Jr. is a guitarist, author, inventor and songwriter debuting his new CD called Take a Bite Out of Life. Visit or