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Guitar Finger Picking

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The right hand should be relaxed and have no tension in any part of the body. Do not let the thumb move in behind the index finger and under the hand.
When striking the strings, strike not in the center of the fingertips but somewhat towards the upper corner of the nail.
The thumb is recommended to stand out and not be absolutely straight. Thia gives the thumb greater flexibility and power.
All movement is from the main knuckle, at the base of the finger. The finger maintaing it's bent shape moves in underneath the hand, along a line in the direction of the elbow.
The tip joint which is always relaxed, "flops", or flexes as it strikes the string.  The arm must be relaxed from shoulder to fingertip.
The hand should remain quite still, a frame from which only the fingertips move.
Below are a few more right hand patterns to work on, with increasing difficulty.


Renaissance Allegro is a very popular piece from that period. Fingering in both hands are given. Another page from Guitar Journey teaching method to help you get better at picking those strings.


The classical composition below was written as a study by Fernando Sor.  The picking pattern in the right hand is basically  the same and the left hand plays many beautiful voicings which create a rather melodious and harmonious study.

Page two here below

from the Guitar Journey book by Ray Tutaj Jr.

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