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Chet was truly one of the greatest fingerpickers of all time. His genius will not be forgotten and his music lives on.Scroll down a bit for some easier examples of the type of fingerpicking employed throughout many of his works.  He has a muffled alternating bass going (played with a thumb pick) and playing harmony in the middle and melody on top.
The excerpts below are for right-hand finger study. To purchase the music and tabs go to Sheet Music Plus .com or try Stephen Grossman Workshop. There you will find the full versions of many of Chet's tunes!


next few bars

next few bars

Notice the alternating bass lines, the melody on top and the harmonies in the middle. This is what every finger picker must achieve. This type of picking gives a full and complete sound, that is also very fun to play!

There were many tunes from  chet that I had to figure out by ear because I couldn't locate any sheet music for the work. Mostly I wrote them out in music notation. I would highly recommend the learning of notation.
Chet's technical skills on guitar were very broad. He could break into picking patterns such as these listed here and then play a fast scale run or riffs to add more sound color.

You will need to read music for this one

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